The top 50 places to find creative opportunities & events

Assemblage members got together to brainstorm the websites, platforms, pages, and resources they use most when hunting for creative opportunities and events.

  1. Arts Jobs
  2. Art Fund
  3. Create Jobs
  4. The Dots
  5. Skillshare
  6. Youtube craft tutorials
  7. @collageclubldn (Instagram)
  8. Dezeen (for architecture projects and events)
  9. 100 day studio by Architecture Foundation (online talks)
  10. The Architecture Social (invite only group)
  11. Eventbrite
  12. LinkedIn
  13. Art UK (good events and content and often have work experience opportunities)
  14. Indeed
  15. Association of Art Historians (especially on Twitter where they retweet very useful opportunities)
  16. Doctoral and Early Career Research Network (Twitter)
  17. The Courtauld Research Forum (Twitter)
  18. British Journal of Photography (BJP – online and published journal)
  19. Daisie – (like The Dots, good for collaborations, they do regular talks by creative professionals)
  20. Canva – (free templates/layouts for social media)
  21. WeTransfer and WeCollect (online tool to share files, can easily be saved in folders with WeCollect)
  22. Calls for Entries website (art and photography calls, some paid entries but also free, large range of opportunities including competitions, exhibitions, funding, portfolio reviews, residencies, and workshops)
  23. Creative Access (job and internship listings)
  24. Spread the Word (Twitter – they post a lot of writing/publishing/submission opportunities)
  25. Instagram (if you follow a lot of magazines and artists, a lot of calls for submissions end up popping up in your story ads)
  26. Facebook events (actually really useful for local neighbourhood events that aren’t well known to be featured anywhere else)
  27. Twitter (for their independent magazine accounts. They post a lot of their calls for submissions on there)
  28. It’s Nice That (an online platform for designers – they also have a separate section called ‘If You Could’ for job hunting)
  29. Facebook Groups (there are endless groups devoted to creative people meeting up for a job or passion project. People will frequently post events or private jobs they might need help with)
  30. StarNow (a site devoted to low budget music video/acting/filmmaking/photography jobs and can be a good way to meet new creative groups)
  31. Journo Resources (their newsletter is really useful newsletter for job opportunities)
  32. Young Journalist Community (a group on Facebook for advice, support, and opportunities)
  33. The Entry Level Audio Network (opportunities for people with little to no experience in work such as radio or podcasts)
  34. Media beans 
  35. The Creative Independent (advice, articles and information on creative work such as zine making)
  36. Team London (for volunteering opportunities)
  37. Museums Association
  38. Leicester Museum Job Board 
  39. Art Quest
  40. Art Net
  41. Seb’s List 
  42. The Barbican email newsletter
  43. National Theatre email newsletter
  44. University alumni careers pages 
  45. Art Rabbit
  46. The Tetley newsletter and events page
  47. University of Cambridge Museums vacancy/opportunities page
  48. Creative Jobs Board (Instagram)
  49. Creative Debuts (Instagram)
  50. Run the Check (Instagram)

By assemblagecollective

An interdisciplinary youth collective made up of young creatives aged 18-26

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