artist response

Artist response: ‘NHS vs Covid-19’ by the Singh Twins

‘NHS v Covid-19:Fighting on Two Fronts’ by the Singh Twins

Plucked from the tapestry,
Of our happily forgotten past,
A golden dragon prospers.
With arms of steel and armour of plastic,
They press their pointed brow forwards alone.
They bare the brands,
We gave them,
And keep burning,
Into them,
With masked glory,
And in return we get,
The splendour,
Of culture and unending perseverance.
We can clap the studies away,
Until our eyes are happily,
Blind with gratitude,
And they will still save us,
And at their own risk.
But we will exalt our hands,
To bloodied stumps,
Before we act with fairness,
And then they will lick our wounds,
Once more.

By Amy Spaughton

By assemblagecollective

An interdisciplinary youth collective made up of young creatives aged 18-26

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